Upgrading to TDS V3

TDS has now moved feature support from V2: Split Components to V3: Styled Components of the design system. This was done primarily to facilitate the use of styled-components V4. For a detailed view of our sunsetting schedule, please read our roadmap page. Additionally, more information on this subject can be found on the Reference Architecture CSS Document.

We would also like to note that the following document also applies to Community. Community is now accepting components developed with styled-components, and it is recommended that all new components use it.


To upgrade to TDS V3, your project will need styled-components 4.1.x and React 16.8.x installed. These packages are peer dependencies of all TDS V3 components, and lower versions will cause incompatibilities.

If your project utilizes Global Elements, please note that V2 of the Global Elements endpoint is now available. This version runs off of styled-components 4.1.x and is recommended for use with TDS V3 for best page performance.

Upgrading from CSS Modules to styled-components

When switching your project over from CSS Modules to styled-components, some cleanup can be performed to reduce bloat and increase the ease of use of styled-components. TDS recommends assessing your project for configurations or packages that enable the use of SCSS, and removing them if they are no longer required. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Removing scss or css-specific items from build and test suite configurations
  • Install babel-plugin-styled-components and add it to your Babel config to enable the use of styled-components
  • Install jest-styled-components for extended functionality when using styled-components with Jest tests

More cleanup/additions may be required. Please review your configurations and dependencies carefully to be sure that all your needs are met.

Server-side rendering

If your application does not use Isomorphic Starter Kit and you also want Server Side Rendering, see the SSR with Styled Components docs for more information on setting up this functionality.

Upgrading from styled-components V3 to V4

The styled-components team has provided a codemod to make the upgrade process from V3 to V4 as fast as possible. It can be accessed on the styled-components-codemods project on GitHub. If you would like more information on the changes and improvements made from V3 to V4, check out the styled-components V4 announcement.

Upgrading from React 15 to React 16

Upgrading from React 15 to React 16 could be as straightforward as upgrading the dependency without any code changes. As noted on the React 16 announcement post:

With minor exceptions, if your app runs in 15.6 without any warnings, it should work in 16.

If your app does not currently display any warnings from React, the upgrade to React 16 should work without hindrances. If your app does display warnings however, there are official codemods that may be able to expedite the process of upgrading.

Developing in Styled components

If you are unfamiliar with styled-components, we recommend you read the official documentation on the subject. Additionally, some decisions have been made about using styled-components at TELUS to encourage consistency and ease of use between projects.

Object notation

To make linting, using variables, and creating shared style files easier, we have decided to use object notation over string literals.

Here is an example of a styled component using string literals:

const StyledDiv = styled.div`
  width: 500px;
  height: 500px;
  background-color: ${props => (props.isPink ? 'hotpink' : 'green')};
  &:hover {
    background-color: purple;

Here is the previous example using object notation:

const StyledDiv = styled.div(props => ({
  width: '500px',
  height: '500px',
  backgroundColor: props.isPink ? 'hotpink' : 'green',
  '&:hover': {
    backgroundColor: 'purple',

Sanitizing inputs

If it is necessary for your application to insert user input into styles, the input must be sanitized. Inserting user input into CSS rules without sanitizing is a security risk. For more information on security, see styled-components advanced usage.


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