We plan the TELUS Design System (TDS) roadmap based on the priorities of TELUS and partner teams. In addition, we coordinate with the other Digital Platform teams to provide a comprehensive system for building rich Web experiences in the TELUS ecosystem.

You can view our detailed 2020 roadmap in our Google Sheet.

Current: TDS V3 (August 2019)

The TELUS Design System (TDS) and Architecture Support (AST) teams aligned on a common CSS-in-JS standard at TELUS in February 2019, thereby moving ahead with Styled Components V4 as the selected framework.

More information can be found here:

TDS V2 (March 2018)

TELUS Design System "V2": independently versioned components (March 2018)

Version 1 paved the way for re-architecting the React components into separately versioned packages.

Independently versioned components unlocks many optimizations for consumers, including:

  • Applications only need to depend on the core components that are actually being used, reducing bundle size
  • Component upgrades can be done more granularly
  • The overall versioning scheme is more predictable

Upgrading from v1.0 to "v2" is straightforward and short. Follow the upgrade instructions in Github and use the tds-codemod automatic refactoring tool.

Note: As of "v2", there will be no more feature releases to the @telusdigital/tds package. Instead, all design system components will be released independenly. View available TELUS Design System component packages in the TDS npm organization.

Want to get involved?

We continuously tune the plan based on feedback and priorities. Please follow along and let us know what you think!

Get involved with TDS Community: Google Slides deck.

Learn how to contribute and discuss features. Or reach out to us.

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