The customer's needs, wants and expectations should shape every piece of content that we create. How we communicate to them depends on our understanding of their interests, behaviours and activities that will inform the content formats and messaging that is used.

Give our customers an experience that helps build loyalty and trust. Each team that is involved in any part of the content process should be familiar with these standards. These guidelines are a central source that helps keep our brand voice consistent across any communication touchpoint.

Grammar, punctuation and formatting all contribute to the quality of the content we produce. These guidelines help keep these essential content elements in check.


Using plain language to write doesn’t mean over-simplifying your message or patronizing your audience. Instead, it means using everyday words in place of jargon or official sounding terms to help audiences understand your message quickly and easily. Aim for a grade 8 reading level.

To do this, we need to write and speak naturally with a purpose. A helpful way to make sure you’re writing naturally and with a purpose is to read your work out loud.


  • Be concise and to the point
  • Use simple words rather than their longer equivalent
  • Write sentences that are 14 words or less
  • Include only one main idea in each paragraph
  • Write in the active voice
  • Focus on what customers need to know
  • Use subheadings to present information in a logical manner
  • Keep your readers in mind. If you’re confused by what you’ve written, they will be too
  • Watch for redundancy - and don’t duplicate or reiterate what you want to say when it’s redundant or unnecessary


  • Use jargon, acronyms or corporate-speak
  • Use words like “bargain” and “deal” that devalue the message
  • Write in the passive voice
  • Get lost in the details

See the TELUS Content Standards for detailed information on usage and implementation.


TELUS content guidelines are managed by Content Strategy Team and the wider TELUS Brand team. If you think that some content does not align with these guidelines please contact Contact Strategy Team for guidance.


The content guidelines are a living document and small changes may be made overtime. We currently have no large scale changes planned.

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