Iconography uses images and symbols to represent an object visually. They communicate a message and should be distinct and informative. Icons for technology products are not especially intuitive to a broad segment of our customer base. As a result, they should be used sparingly and accompanied with short descriptive text.


All icons should be on a transparent background and with the artboard boundaries at the edges of the icon. At least one of the edges should be at the standard measurement of 16px, 24px, or 48px.


  • Make all icons interactive, except stop and warning icons
  • Ensure all icons are accompanied by supportive text, with the exception of utility icons


  • Assume people understand what an icon should convey.

See the Icon components for implementation details.


The Picons library set of icons has been approved by the TELUS Brand team. Should you need a new icon to be added to the system, please submit a feature request to the Design Strategy Team. We aim to respond within 3 business days. All icons accepted into the system must provide ‘sufficient additional value’.


  • Integrate a small subset of Picons into the component library
  • Deprecate and retire the icon font in favor of SVG-based icons
  • Provide more guidance on use of colour with iconography

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