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As of April 2020, the TELUS Design System will be maintained with reduced capacity until further notice. Full details are available on the TELUS Slack.

This page has been updated on April 2020 with information about where to find support for the TELUS Design System.

At this time, we highly encourage teams to use existing TDS components, and continue sharing UI patterns to drive consistent digital customer experiences.

The TELUS design system exclusively caters to people designing and developing for TELUS properties. It is not intended for general public consumption.

Support channels (updated April 2020)

  1. Digital Platform Ambassador office hours: on Mondays and Fridays, you may consult the TELUS Digital Platform Ambassadors for any support or feedback related to the TELUS Design System.
    • See Meetup for upcoming Digital Platform Ambassador office hours
    • Mondays from 3:30PM EDT - 4:30PM EDT / 12:30PM PDT - 1:30PM PDT; General office hours for designers and developers
    • Fridays from 1:00PM EDT - 2:00PM EDT / 10:00AM PDT - 11:00AM PDT; Code-focused office hours, all are welcome
  2. GitHub: Issues opened in tds-core or tds-community may still get actioned during Digital Platform Ambassador touchpoints. See Contributing guide for more information
  3. Email: If you are unable to use the above methods, you may contact us via e-mail, though a response may be slow

Support channels with reduced capacity (updated April 2020)

The following options can expect a reply up to 5 business days after submission:

  1. #tds-guild on Slack for general discussions, announcements, and TDS-related design questions

  2. #tds-support on Slack for fast support directly related to components or code within the TDS repository or served by the TDS core npm packages. If you do not require immediate support, it is preferred to open a GitHub issue

  3. Anonymous form: We would rather you use Github for logging all issues, however, you can submit anonymous feedback.

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