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The TELUS design system exclusively caters to people designing and developing for TELUS properties. It is not intended for general public consumption.

Support channels

  1. GitHub: Please discuss in open issues before creating a new one. See Contributing guide for more information. Response time: within 3 business days1

  2. TELUS Digital Slack: Channels exclusively available to TELUS digital employees, contractors, and vendors. Response time: within 8 business hours1

  3. #tds-guild for general discussions, announcements, and TDS-related design questions

  4. #tds-support for fast support directly related to components or code within the TDS repository or served by the TDS core npm packages. If you do not require immediate support, it is preferred to open a GitHub issue

  5. Anonymous form: We would rather you use Github for logging all issues, however, you can submit anonymous feedback.

  6. Email: If all else fails then you can get in touch with the team via e-mail

1If there are many open issues, the core team may take longer than noted above, and may provide an estimated response time.

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