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February 2019

Features 🎁

Input 2.0.0 now supports uncontrolled components by setting value to undefined by default

Select 2.0.0 now supports uncontrolled components by setting value to undefined by default

TextArea 2.0.0 now supports uncontrolled components by setting value to undefined by default

Fixes 🔧

FlexGrid 2.3.5 fixes a CSS specificity issue around horizonalAlign in FlexGrid.Col

Radio 1.2.3 no longer shows propType errors when you pass in a boolean value

Notification 1.2.10 now supports dismissible notifications

January 2019

Features 🎁

TDS Util Prop Types 1.2.0 has a new or propType for combining multiple Prop Types

Fixes 🔧

ExpandCollapse 1.2.4 does not reset state when a child element calls this.setState()

Thanks for the ongoing effort Ally Hui and Nicholas Mak! The conversation is continuing in #892.

December 2018

New Core Components ✨

Button Group

Feel like things are a bit empty when you have only a couple of radio buttons on your form? Want a bit of pizzazz in your user’s choices! Say no more! Today we’re introducing Button Group, a core component that displays radio inputs as big pretty buttons! Forms have never been so exciting. Feel the excitement over at our docs!


Ever descend a hierarchy of pages and find that you’re lost and confused? At TELUS, we have a lot of deeply nested and complex pages. This is essential if we want to stay organized, but can be a little daunting to users who have been following links for a while. So, as a collaboration with Global Elements, we would like to introduce Breadcrumbs! This component is a consistent way of letting the user know which page they are on. It integrates right into projects already built with React Router 3 (or 4!), so minimal refactoring is required to use it! We hope you agree that it’s our most delicious component. Try a sample at our docs!

Designers, check all of this out on DSM version 2.1.3!

Features 🎁

Spinner 2.1.0 has a new inline prop to wrap Buttons and other inline elements more easily!

Thanks for being part of the conversation Ally Hui and Jeffrey Chang!

Flex Grid 2.3.0 - New horizontalAlign added to col, allowing for horizontal alignment on a per-column basis. Thanks for being part of the conversation Nika Karliuchenko!

Radio 1.2.0 - Add optional descriptions to Radio (Reported by, and design contributed by Cherry Hung. Thank you!)

Step Tracker 3.0.0 - Make Step Tracker full width and make default background colour grey. Thanks for submitting this GitHub issue, Cherry Hung!

Fixes 🔧

  • Input 1.0.12 now conditionally renders icons. Thanks for reporting, Bo Xing!
  • Tooltip 2.0.4 can only have one open at a time. Thanks for reporting, Vishakha Sethi!
  • Price Lockup 1.0.4 resolves an issue with line-height overrides applying improperly. Thanks for reporting, Erich Welz!
  • Flex Grid 2.3.0 - Fix FlexGrid.Row from being improperly sized on IE 11
  • Price Lockup 1.0.3 - Alignment has been fixed in some areas. Reported by: Tarek, Developed by: Nik Mak.
  • Hairline Divider 1.0.1 - Vertical hairline divider now displays regardless of parent height.

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