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January 2019

Features 🎁

TDS Util Prop Types 1.2.0 has a new or propType for combining multiple Prop Types

Fixes 🔧

ExpandCollapse 1.2.4 does not reset state when a child element calls this.setState()

Thanks for the ongoing effort Ally Hui and Nicholas Mak! The conversation is continuing in #892.

December 2018

New Core Components ✨

Button Group

Feel like things are a bit empty when you have only a couple of radio buttons on your form? Want a bit of pizzazz in your user’s choices! Say no more! Today we’re introducing Button Group, a core component that displays radio inputs as big pretty buttons! Forms have never been so exciting. Feel the excitement over at our docs!


Ever descend a hierarchy of pages and find that you’re lost and confused? At TELUS, we have a lot of deeply nested and complex pages. This is essential if we want to stay organized, but can be a little daunting to users who have been following links for a while. So, as a collaboration with Global Elements, we would like to introduce Breadcrumbs! This component is a consistent way of letting the user know which page they are on. It integrates right into projects already built with React Router 3 (or 4!), so minimal refactoring is required to use it! We hope you agree that it’s our most delicious component. Try a sample at our docs!

Designers, check all of this out on DSM version 2.1.3!

Features 🎁

Spinner 2.1.0 has a new inline prop to wrap Buttons and other inline elements more easily!

Thanks for being part of the conversation Ally Hui and Jeffrey Chang!

Flex Grid 2.3.0 - New horizontalAlign added to col, allowing for horizontal alignment on a per-column basis. Thanks for being part of the conversation Nika Karliuchenko!

Radio 1.2.0 - Add optional descriptions to Radio (Reported by, and design contributed by Cherry Hung. Thank you!)

Step Tracker 3.0.0 - Make Step Tracker full width and make default background colour grey. Thanks for submitting this GitHub issue, Cherry Hung!

Fixes 🔧

  • Input 1.0.12 now conditionally renders icons. Thanks for reporting, Bo Xing!
  • Tooltip 2.0.4 can only have one open at a time. Thanks for reporting, Vishakha Sethi!
  • Price Lockup 1.0.4 resolves an issue with line-height overrides applying improperly. Thanks for reporting, Erich Welz!
  • Flex Grid 2.3.0 - Fix FlexGrid.Row from being improperly sized on IE 11
  • Price Lockup 1.0.3 - Alignment has been fixed in some areas. Reported by: Tarek, Developed by: Nik Mak.
  • Hairline Divider 1.0.1 - Vertical hairline divider now displays regardless of parent height.

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