Keyboard Navigation


Keyboard accessibility is important for users who rely on or prefer using a keyboard. Encourage accessibility by providing keyboard functionality to all available content. Common keyboard interactions include using the Tab key to select different interactive elements on a page and using the Enter key or the Spacebar to activate an in-focus element.


See the TELUS Standards site for detailed usage information.

Focus State

The tab key navigates through various interactive elements on a page. A default visual indicator is provided by the web browser. The display is an outlined border around the focused element. When an element is in focus, it can interacted with using the keyboard.

Tab Order

The order in which interactive elements receive focus should be logical and predictable. Create the tab flow hierarchy by using the source code to arrange the keyboard navigation. Begin with the header, followed by the main navigation, then page navigation (from top to bottom, left to right), and end with the footer.


The TELUS digital accessibility is managed by Operations: Security and Accessibility. If you have any questions or concerns regarding designing or developing in an accessible manner please contact Oskar Westin.


  • Standardize focus state across operating systems and browsers

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