TELUS Design System

The TELUS Design System is undergoing changes to better reflect the evolution of the TELUS Brand. We’re making improvements to our visual language and technologies to support the growing needs of our team members. We appreciate your patience during this transition and share your excitement for what’s to come!

In the mean time, keep creating awesome and cohesive digital customer experiences with the available TDS components, as well as sharing and collaborating UI patterns with the community.

Contact us for more information on how to get support. And join our TELUS Slack channel for updates.

The TELUS Design System (TDS) is a set of living guidelines that communicates our brand promise through our digital experiences. It's a holistic platform that integrates code, documentation, guidelines, and design management. Serving as a single source for our digital design guidelines, code patterns, and UI elements.

TDS is intended for use by TELUS employees and approved partners.


To view recent and past announcements, see our Announcements page.

Getting started guides

If you're new to utilizing the Telus Design System, check out the getting started guide.

Contribution guides

If you are a developer who wants to contribute to TDS, please see the developer contributor guide.

If you are a designer who wants to contribute to TDS, please see the designer contributor guide.

Migration guides

TDS V2: Split Components to V3: Styled Components migration

TDS V3: Styled Components is due to arrive on July 1st, 2019! Check out our migration guide for information on how to prepare your application for the upgrade from V2: Split Components.

TDS V1.0.0 to V2: Split Components migration

If you're already on V1.y.z of @telusdigital/tds, please follow our migration guide for upgrading to split components.

TDS V0.y.z to V1.0.0 migration

If you're on V0.y.z of @telusdigital/tds, please follow our migration guide for upgrading to V1.y.z.


To view the technical documentation for the components, see the component catalogue.

To view documentation from a previous version, copy this URL into your browser's address bar, changing the version at the end to the desired version:

Feel free to contact us for any support-related queries.

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